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Plans & Passes


Transformation Package 90 Day Payment Plan $2,500 every month • 12 visits per Month • Affordable 3 month payment plan to your 90 Day Transformation:
The core of our services is the 90 Day Transformation. With this package, you have 36 training sessions, 12 self-study homework, daily meal delivery system for breakfast and lunches, and a personalized nutrition program designed to change your body composition (weight, body fat & shape) in 90 days.

Each session, each self-study guide and custom nutrition plan evolves around you as an individual catering to your capacity and overall goals. We strictly offer this package to the highly-dedicated and highly-committed; it's only made available to a limited amount of people each year. We've worked with the wide range of clients: from fitness newbies to proverbial gym rats. The requirements expected are the same for everyone.

- Train 3 times a week for 12 weeks
- Complete your weekly homework for 12 weeks
- Follow your personalized nutrition program for 12 weeks
- Show up with an open mind every time

We are proud that this service keeps us busy year round without much mainstream advertisement. We provide all clients with a 14 day schedule at booking to allot for new clients to book while giving existing clientele their deserved attention. Please inform us of any changes in schedules as soon as possible. Our tight-knit regimen is the key to our results and we do not offer refunds for any missed or cancelled appointments due to unforeseen and unaccounted schedule changes.